Global Climate Action Summit 2018 SEP 12-14

This September 12-14, mayors, governors, business leaders, religious leaders, and NGOs from around the world are gathering in San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit. Many of us will be taking this opportunity to push for faster action on climate. Join us and take part in the summit’s faith-rooted affiliated events!

The Global Climate Action Summit is being convened by California Gov. Jerry Brown, and Patricia Espinoza, executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change. The goal is to accelerate climate action and ambition in advance of 2020. This is critical because not only has the United States pulled out of the Paris agreement, but the commitments made in Paris are not sufficient to achieve the stated goal of keeping warming “well below” the 2-degree Celcius threshold that scientists tell us is the absolute upper limit our world can withstand without catastrophic impacts.

That’s why IPL and our faith partners are hosting a Multi-Faith “Service of Wondering and Commitment” at Grace Cathedral, along with a series of faith-rooted affiliate events designed just for faith community leaders and members that will also take place during the second week of September. There will be opportunities for faith communities to create and present their own commitments to significantly cut their own emissions or to become climate neutral. We will share success stories and strategies to encourage and support each other along the way.

Click here to find out more and pre-register for the GCAS faith-rooted affiliate events.

There is no better way to show what can be done than to lead by example – so we will be building a list of the U.S. congregations and religious institutions taking concrete action to reduce carbon pollution to present at the summit – just as we did in Paris. Want to make sure your faith community is on the list?

Take the Paris Pledge here

It will take immense, collective action to bend the emissions trajectory downward and we must begin now. It is abundantly clear that leadership is not coming from the federal government. It will come from our cities, our communities, our churches, our mosques, our temples  — the real front lines of this movement. Thank you for your leadership.

In hope,

Susan Stephenson
Executive Director, Interfaith Power & Light

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