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Did you know that you can rank businesses, including churches, on Google?  A great rating will push us up in a Google search.  Mind, that is the literal and not necessarily the eponymous meaning.  That is, you must search via Google, not “google” on a different search engine.  The top rankings are featured in a Three Pack (see screenshot below), and that is where we want to be.

To rank us: Go to Google.com (or your search box and select Google).  Type “mountain light unitarian universalist church” into the search box.  You probably will not have to finish typing much of it before that option is offered, if it is, select it and press the [enter] key.  Otherwise, type it all out, and click on the search button.

An information panel should pop up on the right-side of the search results.  There are a couple of places therein that mention reviews rather prominently.  Click on either link.  Then click on the [write a review] box.

Hopefully, you will give us a five-star rating.  That means we are a great option, not that we are perfect. So do not hold back stars!  Leaving a comment is not required, but it helps searchers know why they should come to Mountain Light UUC.  If we are not a great place to visit, please let us know what we can do to improve your rating.

If you have questions, ask Carl Jackson or Kasey about how to rank MLUUC.  You can send questions to info@mluuc.org, as well.

See the screenshot below for why this is good for Mountain Light.  Help the seekers find us.  Rank us today!

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