Proposed Bylaws Change

Dear Members,

Due to an increase of active members and their willingness to serve the congregation, an amendment to the Bylaws has been proposed to return the Board of Directors to seven members.  Our current Bylaws (2016) allows us to vote on this proposal at the Annual Meeting.  If approved, we then can elect seven members to the 2018-2019 Board of Directors, adding a Vice President and a third Director.  These proposed alternations to the 2016 Bylaws are simply line reversions back to the 2010 Bylaws.

Current Bylaws allowance for change:

Article XI. Amendments.

A. These Bylaws may be amended or replaced at any Annual or Special Meeting of the membership.
B. The Secretary shall include any proposed Bylaw amendments in the notice to the membership at least fifteen (15) days prior to the Annual or special meeting.
C.  A two-thirds affirmative vote of those members voting shall be necessary.
D. Revised bylaws shall take effect immediately upon approval of the congregation.

The Proposed Bylaws alterations:

Article V. Board of Directors (The Board).

A. Governance. The Board of Directors shall be composed of five (5) members: three (3) Officers, and two (2) Directors at Large.

E. Quorum. On a five-member Board, three (3) members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum. There will be no proxies at meetings of the Board of Directors.

Change back to 2010 wording:

A. Governance. The Board of Directors shall be composed of seven (7) members: four (4) Officers, and three (3) Directors at Large.

E. Quorum. Four (4) members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum, and there will be no proxies at meetings of the Board of Directors.

Add  VP and renumber:

H. Officers.
1. President.  The President shall be the principal executive officer of the congregation and shall call and preside at meetings of the Board of Directors, and at business meetings of the membership.
2. Vice President.  The Vice president shall assist the President, as requested by the President or as authorized by the Board of Directors, shall chair meetings in the absence of the president, and assume the duties of the president in the event of a vacancy of that office.
3. Secretary.  The Secretary shall be responsible for minutes of all meeting of the Board of Directors, the Annual Meeting and other Congregational meetings, and certify membership records. The Secretary shall keep all minutes and attachments, bylaws, policies and membership records in a dedicated file on his or her computer, make all such documents digitally accessible to the Congregation, and maintain appropriate records of the Corporation in the Corporate Book or other appropriate storage such as organized files. These records shall include a paper copy of the minutes from the Annual Meetings, current copy of the bylaws and current policy statements. In addition, it is the responsibility of the Secretary to handle administrative duties such as monitoring church e-mail and the phone line regularly and to respond appropriately to incoming mail/messages.
4. Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall establish accounting procedures for the Corporation to record all financial activities, establish and maintain the bank accounts for the general fund and any other accounts and funds authorized by the Board. The Treasurer shall receive and deposit the funds of the Corporation, pay bills as authorized in the approved Budget, or special expenditures as approved by the Board or by the Congregation. The Treasurer shall report to the Board any irregularities observed in the spending of budgeted funds by Teams. The Treasurer shall prepare monthly, as well as annual, financial reports, file the annual report and corporation fee with the State of Georgia, and file any documents required by law.

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