Water Committee Update

2018 MAY 04: Art and Ted want to thank the water Committee team, Wendy Klimbal, Ann Low, Kasey Castleberry, David Johnson, Mike Romanick, Jack Culler, Bruce Wood, Art Nelson, Ted Woehr, for all that you have done to bring our water to potability.

Metro Filters of the South installed their filter system and bacteria-remediation, ultraviolet bulb yesterday. It truly has been an adventure. Learned from reading an e-mail that Gayle and Ann put the kitchen back together after last week’s plumbing project.  It takes a village. Hopefully, we have given proper thanks in past reports to all you guys that have contributed so much.

What’s next for us? Are we finished or are there auxiliary issues connected to more than delivering potability?

We also installed new inner working in the toilet tank. We understand that the kitchen faucet needs work to reestablish pressure on the cold water side.

Before John Neighbors left last week, Ted asked him to give us an estimate for plumbing to the RE side that would include stubbing for a restroom and shower. So, it looks like we are celebrating completion of one giant success and preparing for the next project. Thank you All!

Art Nelson & Ted Woehr
Co-Chairs Water Committee

Editor’s Note: Whilst I appreciate the nod, Kasey is not actually part of the Water Committee and mostly helped by staying out of the way. [smile] The real thanks goes to those on the committee.

Ted Woehr works on reinstalling the wooden panels in the kitchen.  The disorder was reorganized by Gayle and Ann.

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