The Spiritual Arts Center of North Georgia

On 2018 April 09, Mountain Light UUC opened its doors for the delivery of a magnificent organ belonging to our new friends, The Spiritual Arts Center of North Georgia, directed by Paul Campbell.  The plan is for them to use our building on Sunday evenings.

The Spiritual Arts Center is a place of centerness in God of the Universe to empower you to prepare music and connect the “I AM” in you with the Great “I AM”. The Center is a place of Healing and Prayer and classes (music & spirituality), as well as chant, drum circles, and Classical/Liturgical music. Evening prayer will be a staple on Sunday Evenings lead by Metaphysician Paul Campbell and a massed LITURGICAL Choir selected from singers of North GA.

Rehearsals will be on May 06, MAY 20, and JUN 03.  Meeting/Meditation begins at 4 PM.  Liturgical Choir Practice starts at 5 PM.

On June 10, 4:00 Warm-Up Rehearsal will be at 4 PM with the Evensong & Healing Service beginning at 5 PM.  Open to All Seeking.

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