Gilmer Earth Day Planning Meeting

2018 January 23
4:00 PM to 5:15 PM
Ellijay Coffee House
131 Main Street, Ellijay GA
Happy healthy New Year to all!  2018 is here and it is time to gather to take a stand for a cause that we all care so much about. As I drive the roads of Gilmer County, I am so distressed by the quantity of garbage along the sides of our roads. It is embarrassing to think we live in a community that allows this degradation. We are all responsible. It is up to us. We are charged with doing something about it!
You are invited to come participate in creating and planning our Gilmer Earth Day 2018 event. What are you most passionate about related to Keep Gilmer Beautiful and Earth Day? It is up to us to encourage people of all ages to create projects that address areas of concern in our community. We are about education, awareness and action through community involvement to clean up our environment. We must remember, each one of us and everyone has a voice and our actions make a difference, every day.
  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Reports planning and progress so far
  • Discuss Theme
  • Share ideas
  • Location for staging: Downtown Ellijay, county parking lot
  • Celebration, food, music, speakers
Volunteer for areas of involvement:
  • Event Managers, Jay, Mykey
  • Organization of volunteer projects, Jay
  • Promo/marketing, Betsy, Mykey
  • Enrollment, Greg
  • Funding and procurement, Nanci
  • Educational handout materials, Mykey
  • Adopt A Road growth, Nanci
  • Recycling and trash disposal, Kathy, Jim
  • Celebration
Please RSVP and contact me with any questions.
Look forward to seeing you at meeting!
Thank you, Jay Zipperman
To visit the Keep Gilmer Beautiful Facebook page, please click here.

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