From Sunday, September 03

Ann shared a candle of joy after receiving good news about the MRI on her pancreas last Tuesday.

Lorraine shared a candle of memory for the anniversary of her father’s death. She followed with a beautiful a cappella performance of one of his favorite blue grass gospel verses.

Kathy lit a candle of thankfulness for Adrienne who has been working diligently to prepare for our Rummage Sale on 9/22. Special thanks was given for John, a new visitor to our congregation, who moved lots of heavy furniture for the sale and repaired light fixtures throughout the building. Adrienne and Diana finished a much needed cleaning and organizing on the RE side and it is now a more warm and welcoming place for the children in our congregation.

Ted shared a candle of concern for his wife, Terry (our beloved treasurer), who is having significant pain in her back following a car accident several weeks ago. Ted and Terry were rear ended which caused significant damage to their car and left them with lingering injuries.

Gerry Barker had a serious high blood pressure event and was seen in the ER. She is recuperating at the the home of her daughter Laurie and her blood pressure is now better controlled, but still being monitored and she is feeling better.

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