Building Planning

The congregation will provide guidance to the Board of Directors for renovating our building and grounds with a discussion during the service on 2017 July 23.  Using the form below, send up to three suggestions for building task statements by July 16. We will analyze building task statements with no names attached.

Remember, the first part is specific tactic (as an action-verb phrase) connected with “so we can” to a general strategy in the last part (as a values-based, mission-oriented action-verb phrase).  If the last part does not support our Seven Principle, then in probably invalidates the necessity of the first part.  (Please click here to view the full instructions.)

Some examples:

  • Expand parking space … so we can … welcome more people.
  • Build a larger kitchen … so we can … prepare meals to strengthen our community.
  • Build 2 new restrooms … so we can … host large gatherings and provide respectful privacy.
  • Fix roof leaks … so we can … make facilities serve missions long term.
  • Rent our second building … so we can … raise money to fund programs and renovations.
  • Connect to Ellijay city water … so we can … avoid illnesses from dirty well water.

Suggestion Form

Please keep both entries below to seven words or less.

Note: This is for verification purposes, no names will be mentioned during discussion.
example: expand parking space
choose this connecting phrase
example: welcome more people