Monthly Archives: March 2016

Join us on social media

Mountain Light UUC has several social media accounts.  You can connect to them by clicking on the icons at the top of each page. We have long had a Twitter account (click here to follow us) and a FaceBook account (click here to like us).  Be sure to like, share, re-tweet, to increase our cyber-visibility. … Continued

We Advocate Justice

Mountain Light UUC has a long history of supporting human rights, environmental issues, and community service projects.  The Justice section of this website needs some work.  If you you have photos of some of our past endeavors, links to services organizations that we should include, or would like to edit these pages, please email the … Continued

Editing Team

If you would like to help with this website, you may do so in two ways: You may send us documents, corrections for pages as email messages, pictures, or whatever.  Please click here to send us material. You may request to be a member of the editing team and work on specific pages directly on … Continued

Greetings Friends

Welcome to our UUA-theme WordPress website. This website is still being refined, so some of the material that came with the theme needs to be personalized still.  We also have several blank pages that need to be populated. One of the wonderful things about this theme is that there can have several editors.   If you … Continued