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May 31 — Rev. Scott Dillard "Living With Uncertainty" (online only)

With most of us living our lives sheltering in our homes waiting for an all clear to enter the world again, much uncertainty about the future hovers over our lives. This uncertainty leads to anxiety that may be difficult to live with. We will explore the notion of the uncertain, how to deal with it, and to transform it into a spiritual practice

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Why Mountain Light UU Church is my faith community

Way, way back in my youth I was raised Catholic.  The questioning part of me had a terrible time staying within the well-defined lines and walls Catholicism had drawn centuries ago…so much so that one day, the nuns who taught catechism called my parents and suggested I find another activity on Saturday mornings.  It seemed my constant questioning about the concept of the Trinity was frustrating them to no end.  Of course, they didn’t take into account my frustration since they never gave me answers that made any sense.

So, upon renouncing my affiliation with Catholicism in my early 20’s, I was unchurched and happy to be.  Until my daughter came along, and I realized I was the one being shortchanged.  None of the more “traditional” churches appealed.  One day, I attended a small Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Alfred, NY.  What a life changing day for me!  Once again, I could explore my spirituality, and this time I would be supported, encouraged, and loved.

After moving from Upstate NY to Ellijay, GA we found Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church.  At that time, back in early 2010, this church was about the size of the fellowship up north.  We met at the local Arts building downtown, and there were Sundays when if 10 of us were there, we felt huge!  We were clearly at home with this small group of spiritual seekers as well, and joined rather quickly.  We were always “in the red” financially but always found a way to pay the rent as well as our “fair share” to the Mother Church.  We protested the KKK Rally held at the local Courthouse and stood on the side of love for our Latino population.  Slowly, we grew!

Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church is my “soul food”.  As much as I love collard greens, cornbread, black-eyed peas, and okra, I get all that and so much more every Sunday I am at MLUUC.  Reclaiming my spirituality and finding like-minded spiritual sojourners has given me strength in oh so many ways.  Knowing I can have my soul food every Sunday fuels me for whatever comes before me in the week ahead.  The amazing group of Sunday speakers who share their passions, whether sharing another religious tradition, or something of interest to such as health insurance, living wills, mindful eating always offer me much food for thought throughout the week.

However, the very best part of MLUUC is our members.  WE are an amazing community of love, hope and service.  We support and affirm the LGBTQ community, our local Boys and Girls Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Ellijay’s community Thanksgiving Dinner, and not so local-Doctors without Borders, Smile Train, immigrant rights, and places that have suffered enormous tragedy such as Man O’ War Cay after Hurricane Dorian.  As much as all of that lifts our hearts, we serve our members. MLUUC is one of the main reasons Ted and I are still together.  During a life threatening illness six years ago, my faith family was there in prayer and in service.  Lifting Ted up when there seemed little hope.  When the day came I was finally able to come home, MLUUC came together and had our home cleaned top to bottom.  They were a daily presence in the myriad of hospitals and the nursing home.  The cards they sent, the songs they sang….I would not be writing this if not for MLUUC.

Unitarian Universalist Churches are open to all who enjoy community, exploring philosophy and theology with an open heart and mind.  For me, MLUUC is a part of the fabric of my being.  A shelter from the storms that rage outside our walls, a safe place to be who I am, with unconditional love surrounding me.

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Congregational News

  • Support UU the Vote 2020 MAY 13 – Last night more than 1,100 UUs from around the country gathered for our “How We Thrive” live event! I am overwhelmed by our community’s deep commitment to justice and democracy. As Rev. Ashley Horan said last night, “We need to take shifts for the revolution.” That is our commitment. UU the Vote continues ...
  • Video Chat Thursdays Feeling isolated? Missing your Mountain Light family? Join us Thursday evenings from 6 to 7 PM on Zoom to share how you are coping with “Sheltering in Place” or just come to chat. This group is mostly unstructured at the moment, and we want to have fun themes each week. The theme ...
  • Easter Service The congregation of Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church believes that it is our moral obligation to protect public health and the most vulnerable people in our beloved community. Therefore, we have postponed all gatherings until we feel that the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic have passed. In the interim, we will be live streaming ...