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2020 January 26, Sunday
Roddy Biggs "Suicide: Searching for Answers"

Suicide affects us all, but what is it? Why do people sometimes feel the need to take their own lives? How do our beliefs about and understandings of suicide affect the way we respond to suicide? Join us as we attempt to understand more about the very nature of suicide and what causes it. [Read More]

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I have always been a Universalist, though I was unfamiliar with the term until much later in my life.  I believe that All-That-Is vibrates at the frequency of Love, so how could any “Father” damn His children to Hell?

Mind, I have lots of “less than orthodox” beliefs about reality and about the Divine.  I never seemed to fit in with any mainstream faith organization.  Somehow, I stumbled upon Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church and found that all of my “weird” beliefs would be tolerated, some even encouraged – so long as my personal search for Truth was both free and responsible.

This was the beloved community for which I had been searching.  I found a new family when I found Mountain Light and Unitarian Universalism.

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  • Next Year’s Words By Tim Atkins 2020 JAN 01 New Year’s is without a doubt the most meaningful winter holiday for me. As a religious humanist, none of the other winter holidays have ever really called to me. But to me there’s something almost magical about the chance for a fresh start. A new beginning. The start of ...
  • JAN 12: Collaborative Planning “Collaborative Planning, Look How Far We Have Come” is the title of the sermon for our Sunday morning worship service on January 12. Our speaker will be Bruce Wood, Colonel (Retired), USA, who is a lay leader at our church and is also a retired teacher. Bruce’s presentation will explain the spirit and ...
  • New Banner in Place This photo features the growth of our You & You church – The Church of Mike Jones, in this case. Here, Mike steps up (literally) to install the replacement banner (approved by the Board) on the west side of our building on our new ladder (bought by the congregation with specially collected funds). ...