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Spirituality and Personality Type

Ron Sturgis

Ron Sturgis will discuss the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and how Personality Types influence personal growth and spirituality. In addition, he will discuss the relationship between personality type and religious preference and how different personalities approach spiritual practice.

Our Stories

Sturgis2016axMy husband and I have visited Unity and UU Churches for many years but this is the first time we have become members of a UU Congregation. Why? MLUU is BY FAR the most friendly, kind, and accepting congregation we have ever encountered in our lives!!! The people of MLUU genuinely care about each other and newcomers. It is obvious that the people of MLUU are enlightened, are open to new and different ways to be spiritual, and also focus on giving back to their community. We love the positive energy of MLUU and the way the members take care of each other.  Thank you to Kasey, Helen, Gayle, and Bruce...just to name a few of those members who have made us feel so welcome.

Just a little background on us: Since my husband spent 33 years as a Navy Chaplain we have been a part of and visited many faith groups. No matter what faith group we were part of as a result of my husband's military career, we always have held our UU belief system close to heart. My husband and I were both raised in fundamentalist churches but eventually left that ideology many years ago for a UU belief system that is more accepting of all people no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. Personally, I slowly left fundamentalist Christianity at the age of 20 when I saw my friends and mentor's and family judging and being judged and shamed for their life choices. I raised my first two children in a Unity church in Washington State and Pensacola, FL, and we are happy to have found MLUU to be part of when we are in Ellijay. I'm happy my youngest son gets to learn the fundamental teachings of UU as a child which will help guide him to be an open minded adult.... accepting and kind to all people regardless of their faith group, gender identity, and life choices. :)

Congregational News

  • On 2018 February 18, Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church welcomes Rev. David-Michael Searcy as our Speaker.

    Rev. Searcy’s topic is “Be My Valentine”.  He will discuss how Valentine’s Day is a time to tell our loved ones, as well as friends with whom we may not agree, that we love them.  It is a time ...

  • Keep Gilmer Beautiful Adopt-a-Road

    Rescheduled for March 03, we will attempt to have our quarterly Yukon Road clean-up.  The February 17 outing has been canceled because of weather.  The grass was mowed in the fall, so it is easier to pick up trash.  However, all the litter shows now, and ...

  • FEB 11 Memorial Service

    On 2018 February 11, the worship service at Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church (MLUUC) will be a celebration of the life of our dear friend and church member, Robert Low.  The memorial service will be conducted by the Rev. Dr. Barry Whittemore.  The service will ...