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Growing Up Baptist, Losing My Religion, and Finding My Faith

Lorraine Jones

My story of growth in faith begins with the first time I attended church, and moves through several life events that called my religion into question and to doubts and fears that finally caused me to let it go. It follows on through my beginning to find peace in a re-imagined spirituality, up through the present … Continued

Our Stories

GreeneHelen2016I was raised Catholic and went to a woman's Catholic college, was married at a Catholic Church. Left the church in 1970 and gave up church entirely. Four years ago, I retired and decided to move to GA to be near my daughter.  A good friend told me that if I wanted some liberal friends that I should look up a Unitarian church. I tried Mountain Light reluctantly, as I did not have a good opinion of churches.  Other than vacations I have not missed a Sunday.

Mountain Light is my second home. It is filled with people who not only accept you for who you are, they will love you. It is a place to learn and expand who you are, to become a more loving and accepting person.  Come and see what a loving, welcoming and unusual group we are.

Recent News

  • Make Up Session 2017 September 16 Mountain Light UUC

    We are having a make-up session for Webclass today, September 16, from 1-4 PM.  Kasey is feeling better is at church NOW.  Bring your laptops and questions.  Come on down.  We might even have a Saturday make-up movie.

  • Sunday, September 17 2017 September 15 Mountain Light UUC

    The Rev. Dr. Scott Dillard will give a sermon entitled “The Compassionate Heart” for our worship service at Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church (MLUUC) on Sunday, September 17, 2017, in Ellijay.

    Scott will explain how loving relationships can be said to start with a feeling of compassion for one ...

  • SEP 15 Webclass & Movie Canceled 2017 September 15 Mountain Light UUC

    Kasey is ill.  Check back next week, thanks