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Kumandi Drums & Healing

Chuck CogliandroEmerson Drummers

Our friends from Emerson UUC will be here once again, this time with their drummers. The Emerson Drummers have 21 years together. The group honors the deep cultural roots of the people of West Africa, from whom the music comes and for whom the music provides strength, connection, life force and celebration.

Our Stories

2014.11.27cI have always been a Universalist, though I was unfamiliar with the term until much later in my life.  I believe that All-That-Is vibrates at the frequency of Love, so how could any "Father" damn His children to Hell?

Mind, I have lots of "less than orthodox" beliefs about reality and about the Divine.  I never seemed to fit in with any mainstream faith organization.  Somehow, I stumbled upon Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church and found that all of my "weird" beliefs would be tolerated, some even encouraged – so long as my personal search for Truth was both free and responsible.

This was the beloved community for which I had been searching.  I found a new family when I found Mountain Light and Unitarian Universalism.

Congregational News

  • On Sunday, 2018 January 21, Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church (MLUUC) in Ellijay welcomes Mr. Ken Sizemore, “the Old Folkie”, as our guest speaker and performer at our worship service.  The title of Ken’s presentation will be, “Ken’s Original Music–Songs of My Family and ...

  • Please Help!!!

    Friday, January 19.  Kasey, Ted, and Gayle are all alone at church trying to clean up the dusty mess.  If you can help, grab whatever you can and join us! If you have face masks, please bring them  Bring cleaning rags, vacuums, dishpans, mops.

  • Help Needed JAN 19

    To those who have helped clean:  It is likely the tile will be completed today.  Terry is in touch with Christian, our main installer.  If some folks could start cleaning today that would be great.  We need to clean upstairs also or that dust will come down ...