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Rev. Jennifer Dalton

Rev. Jennifer Dalton is currently ordained and recognized by the Alliance of Baptists and considers herself a Unitarian Universalist Baptist.

Our Stories

My husband, Bruce, and I first discovered Mountain Light in May, 2011. We had been hoping to find a Unitarian church in north GA since moving to Talking Rock in 2010. We knew immediately we had found our church home.

Mountain Light exemplifies the Unitarian belief in the acceptance, as well as the celebration, of all individuals. It is a joy to experience MLUUC members welcoming visitors and friends every Sunday. Visitors are delighted when they realize their beliefs are embraced and not rejected or criticized. Whether a family of one or a family of 15, you are supported at Mountain Light.

I have found the more involved I become at MLUUC, the happier I am and the more I love the members and friends I meet. I was raised as a Methodist in Oklahoma. Today, I embrace the inclusiveness of all people, which is an inspiring foundation of Unitarian Universalism.

Bruce and I were married in a Unitarian church in Oklahoma City. We attended UU churches in Little Rock and Atlanta with our two grown sons, Jacob and Jordan. I joined MLUUC in 2012 and Bruce joined in 2015. We could not be more pleased. You will be pleased when you experience UU-ism, too.

Congregational News

  • Sunday, 2018 October 07 For our Sunday morning worship service on 2018 October 07, Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church welcomes Rev. Barry Whittemore to be our speaker.   “Coming Home to Universalism?” will be his sermon.  Dr. Whittemore tells us that  Unitarians and Universalists held different beliefs about ultimate destiny and who made the decisions; a theological conversation that was ...
  • OCT 06 Rummage Sale
  • Sunday, 2018 SEP 30 On 2018 September 30, Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church welcomes Pastor / Lord & High Priest David-Michael Searcy.  His topic will be: Before the Parade Passes By.  Pastor Searcy tells us: “Being happy is truly a choice and a place of higher vibration, and we should choose to focus and vibrate on the good and the God ...