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It’s Out with the Old and in with the Bold

Rev. David-Michael Searcy

We will celebrate with a Phoenix Ceremony and symbolically release bad habits, negative thoughts, emotions, and unhealthy relationships into the flames of transformation and then we will call to us those miraculous and amazing events that will transform our lives. Life is a process of letting go and letting.  This is the Divine Rhythm!

Our Stories

LorraineJ.2016aI came to Mountain Light as an act of defiance towards a fundamentalist Christian rehab group that required my daughter to attend church each Sunday that she was allowed home.  I could not bear the churches that were approved for her and, in desperation, remembered Mountain Light.  My daughter and I walked in not knowing what to expect and immediately I felt that I had arrived home! The rehab group wasn't happy with my choice but I definitely was.

My experience here is one of love and acceptance no matter where you are at in your life or spiritual journey. I love being surrounded by thoughtful, intelligent people who allow me to better understand other viewpoints on many different subjects and agreement with those viewpoints isn't a requirement. How joyful and freeing that is!

I understand now why I was never quite comfortable in the religion of my childhood. I was a Unitarian Universalist my entire life but I just didn't know what it was or what to call it. I can't imagine not having this loving community of friends to lift my spirits and challenge my world view each week!

Congregational News

  • Sunday Service 2019 JAN 13 On 2019 January 13, Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church (MLUUC) welcomes our member Dr. Ron Sturgis, His topic will be “Optimism for The New Year”.  Dr. Sturgis will provide an overview of the science of Positive Psychology. After a century of studying psychopathology, psychologists now have a comprehensive understanding of mental illness as defined in ...
  • 2018 DEC 30 Sunday Service Audio The audio for the service on 2018 December 30 is now available online:
  • 2019 JAN 06 Sunday Service On 2019 January 06, Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church (MLUUC) welcomes Pastor Sharon Watkins. Her topic will be “Restoring Common Decency”.  The topic lends itself to this question: When and how has “common decency” been diminished?  In recent years, the lack of commonly held values has become a frightening norm among our country’s leadership. While ...